Toy "Chicken" from pompons

All children love toys. But it will be doubly pleasant to play with the one that the baby did with his own hand, only occasionally resorting to the help of his parents.
Today, crafts from pompons are very popular with both experienced needlewomen and beginners. From these balls you can make any character, most importantly, show a little imagination and patience.
In order to make a chicken from pompons you will need:
  • yellow woolen threads,
  • scissors,
  • thick cardboard sheet,
  • needle with thread,
  • some red yarn
  • eyes
  • satin ribbons for decoration.

1.First, take a piece of cardboard and draw two pairs of circles with a compass or by hand, where one will be slightly smaller than the second. Cut out all four shapes and use the scissors to make holes inside. Connect the resulting rings in pairs.

2. Unwind a long thread from a ball and, bending it several times, wrap a couple of large rings around it. Continue winding the threads until the hole in the middle is barely noticeable. Do the same with small rings.

3. Prepare two small woolen threads in advance. Make an incision in a circle, passing the scissors between the two cardboard rings. Pass the thread and tighten it tightly. Spread the pompom. Repeat with the second ring.
4. Connect the two pompons with each other, where the small ball will be the head and the large ball will be the body.

5. Take yarn, a hook and, having made 10 air loops, knit 4-5 rows. It turned out to be a wing. Tie another one the same. From the red threads, tie the beak. If you do not know how to handle a hook, then the wings and beak can be made from pieces of yellow and red fabric, respectively. Sew the parts to the right places.

6. Glue the eyes. It remains to decorate the neck of the chicken with a bow.
The toy is ready.

A very funny chicken from pompons, which mother and baby can easily make with their own hands, will surely lead to indescribable delight of any crumbs.