How to make a manual trimmer from a grinder

Why buy a factory trimmer when you can make it yourself from improvised materials and a grinder? Such a device will cost much cheaper than its store counterpart.

Preparatory work

For the manufacture of this homemade product you will need a regular steel equal-angle corner with a length of 150 mm, a metal plate 2 mm thick, a piece of a standard plastic sewer pipe, and also a steel pipe на, from which you need to cut 60 mm.

At the corner, you need to mark the center - in this place a hole with a diameter of 8.5 mm will be drilled. Similarly, you will need to do the same operation with the plate. Two holes with a diameter of 4 mm must be drilled in a metal pipe.
The steel plate must be bent in a certain way, and the edge of the corner should be slightly bent, after which all parts must be welded to each other. Then, from a piece of the plate, it is necessary to make a clamp for the diameter of the handle and drill holes at the ends.

Construction assembly process

To assemble a homemade trimmer, you need to take a wooden holder from a broom or garden tool and drill a hole with a diameter of 8.5 mm in it. Insert a bolt into this hole and tighten the handle. The welded metal structure must first be painted, and then carefully planted on the edge of the wooden holder, fixed with self-tapping screws.

A piece of sewer pipe needs to be cut a little at the edges and screwed to the holder. Then it is necessary to remove the clamping nut and the protective casing together with the handle from the grinder. From the tin, it will be necessary to make a new casing of a larger diameter and fix it to the grinder with a steel clamp.

A piece of metal cable must be passed through the clamping nut, which is then screwed onto the grinder. After that, it remains only to connect all the structural elements to each other. As a result, you will get a great DIY grinder trimmer.