Transforming sandbox for a playground

Such a sandbox will not take up much space on the site, but it will give a lot of joy to your child. You can make it from improvised materials. This sandbox is noteworthy in that it has a folding top cover, which, when opened, transforms into comfortable benches.

Preparatory work

To make a transformer sandbox, we will use a board with dimensions of 100x25 mm. In total, 24 boards with a length of 120 cm will be required. Also for this homemade product you will need four wooden bars 50x50 30 cm long.
Next, we divide all the boards into two identical stacks (12 pieces each), and one half of the material will need to be carefully processed with a grinding wheel for the grinder. It is not necessary to grind the second part of the boards, but you can also do it if you wish.

Sandbox Build Process

Assembling the entire structure is quite easy - we install two wooden bars at the right distance from each other, lay three boards on top and fasten everything with self-tapping screws.

Then we connect two wooden shields with each other, screwing three boards on each side to make a square frame. Set the sandbox on an even base and fasten four boards on top (two on each edge). The remaining boards do not need to be attached to the wooden frame.

Finishing work

When the entire structure is fully assembled, it will need to be painted. After the paint dries, we additionally make four stops with a length of 35 cm, and then we fasten the arrow loops (in total, four pieces are required).

If suddenly there are not enough holes in the hinges, then they can be drilled with a drill and a drill of a suitable diameter in the right place. See the main stages of the sandbox assembly in the video on our website.