A method for sharpening a hacksaw on an emery with two discs

There are different ways to sharpen a hand saw in wood. Those who sharpen their teeth with a triangular file, others use emery with two discs for this.

Why with two identical drives? For comfort. First you sharpen, for example, the right side of the hacksaw, then the left. Or vice versa. The sharpening technique itself is quite simple.

In this case, two diamond discs with grain 125 * 100 are installed on an electric grinder. You can use any other disks, but with this sharpening method it is important that both disks are the same.

Sanding hacksaw sharpening technology

First, the master grinds the saw teeth on the left side. Moreover, the teeth in this case are sharpened through one.

After you have made the first pass, you will need to turn the hacksaw in order to perform a similar procedure, but with other teeth.

Sharpening on the right side is already done on the second diamond blade. In this case, the sequence of actions is exactly the same. First, the first pass is made, then the canvas needs to be turned over, and the second pass is performed.

As a result, sharpening is quite high quality. And not so much time is being spent. For details on how to sharpen a hacksaw on a tree on an emery with two discs, see this video.