Electric winch from bicycle parts and wiper motor

An electric winch is indispensable both in the home workshop and in the garage. With its help, it is possible to raise the overall and heavy load to the desired height without outside help.

An electric winch in the garage can be bought in a store or made with your own hands from improvised materials. In this case, the author makes a winch from parts from a bicycle and a car wiper motor.

And first of all, the master makes an asterisk of the right size from a piece of metal plate. Although, so as not to bother, you can simply choose the gear that is suitable in diameter. Much easier and faster.

The main stages of work

Then, from two square plates, the author cuts two circles. He also cuts a piece of steel pipe. A simple drum for winding a cable is welded from these blanks.

At the edges of the drum, the master welds the parts from the rear wheel hub of the bicycle. Balls from the bearing are stacked inside, and everything is “clogged” with a washer and nut. You will also need a large bicycle sprocket.

At the last stage of the work, the master proceeds directly to the assembly of the electric winch. To do this, you will need a wiper motor (car wipers), a rectangular plate, as well as a small piece of chain.

For more information on how to make an electric winch from bicycle parts and a wiper motor, see the video on our website.