DIY wicker willow from an ordinary bush

The decorative and resort look of wicker willows was rightly appreciated by many summer residents. However, acquiring an exotic tree is not cheap at all.

In this review, the author tells how to make a net from the overgrowth of an ordinary willow bush with your own hands.

First you need to cut 36 thin willow shoots. They should not be too woody, otherwise it will be difficult to weave.

For this, the most ordinary tree growing along water bodies is suitable.

The main stages of work

If this is your first experience, the experiment is best done in a pot, and not immediately in the open. To begin, tightly install 6 shoots, sticking them along the wall.

Insert the trunks deep, you can even to the bottom of the tank. Thus, you must make 6 blanks for future “strands” of braids at an equal distance from each other.

Now the most important stage is formation. Divide the first bunch of shoots in half and cross the right three branches with the left.

Secure them with your palm. Now cross the next bundle in the same way, only the branches to be thrown after will be led behind the bundle on the left.

Repeat the same with the next six shoots. And then fasten the shoots with tape. The same rhombus must be formed from the second half.

When you collect the two parts of the future "composition", the remaining shoots will already form the first row. Bandage the rest of the crosshairs.

Now you can figure out how many more rows you want to weave and remove the leaves to the desired level. The following rows will be easier to form, since the branches have already taken the right direction.

The final tier will need to be very firmly fixed, and the ropes from the bottom can be cut.

While the trunks are flexible, you can give them the necessary shape and align the weaving. It remains only to trim the crown of our willow.

Everything is ready. Now the pot needs to be put in the shade and provide plenty of daily watering. After 2-3 weeks, the earthen lump will be entangled in the roots, and the willow can be planted in the ground.