Valentine heart

Valentine's Day is celebrated in Russia not so long ago, but this holiday has firmly established itself in our vastness. Lovers love this holiday and are happy to give each other romantic gifts. But no matter what gifts are presented, the main symbol on this holiday is the heart, as a symbol of love. Now in stores you can buy many different hearts from different materials, but nothing can be compared with a heart made by your own hands, where you put your love, warmth and soul.
We offer you one of the options for making such a heart using the art of origami. Origami is the creation of various figures from paper. This art came to us from Ancient China, where paper was first invented. Initially, the figures were invented for religious purposes, then it was the property of people from the upper classes. Now it is available to every person who is not indifferent to the art of creating with their own hands.

You'll need:

Origami paper 16 cm x 16 cm in red.

Manufacturing process:

1. You can take paper of different sizes, the main thing is that the sides of the square are the same. If the size is larger, then the heart will also be larger.
2. You can also take paper not only red, but also pink, as you like best.
3. Fold the leaf in half.

4. Open the leaf and fold it in half again on the other side. Inside, a cross from the folds turned out.

5. Now we fold one side in half and align it with the line in the center.

6. We turn over our leaf and from the side of the bent strip we align with the line in the center two sides to get an “airplane”.

7. Again we turn over our product and equip the far edges from the corner of the “airplane” with a line in the center.

8. Now we bend the corners on both sides, so that the nose of the airplane turns out, but on the other side.

9. Next, connect the two corners together, and smooth out the resulting “ears”. It looks like a little animal’s mouth.

10. Next, we press the convex corners clearly along the line.

11. Now we bend the free corners to make triangles on both sides.

12. We put one corner of the "mouth" into another, there is such a "pocket".

13. The two resulting triangles are bent.

14. Turn over our product and the heart-valentine is ready.