How to clean an oven with soda and vinegar

A dirty oven is a huge problem for any housewife. To restore its former cleanliness, it takes considerable effort and time, but not everyone knows that it is not necessary to use special detergents for this. Ordinary baking soda and vinegar can do this very well.

Getting started cleaning the oven

First we take out all the baking sheets from the oven so that they do not interfere.

We take a glass of soda and one third of a glass of ordinary water. All this is thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass is formed.

With this solution we thoroughly process the surface inside the oven.

Just look so as not to miss anything, especially the recesses and other hard-to-reach spots. An ordinary rag or sponge is perfect for this — anyone who likes it the most. When everything is done, leave the oven in this condition for the night.

During this time, grates and trays can be washed with a regular brush with detergent.

After approximately 12 hours, we treat the surface with vinegar. To do this, it is best to use a spray bottle to evenly distribute the liquid over the entire surface and not to miss anything.

As a result of the combination of our solution and vinegar, a chemical reaction is formed. You will notice a slight hiss, and this indicates that the cleaning process is proceeding as it should.
After that we take warm water and thoroughly remove the soda along with vinegar with a rag.

In order to get rid of soot (mainly in hard-to-reach places and the heating element), use a special kitchen spatula. Keep in mind that depending on how dirty your oven is, this process may take some time. We do all this until the dirt is completely eliminated. At the end of the work, carefully wipe the surface of the oven with a warm, damp cloth.

Now you have not just a clean and beautiful, but a truly radiant oven. But most importantly, for this I did not have to specifically buy any chemistry or other special means. We had enough of ordinary baking soda and table vinegar, which is in every home.